Flip Flop

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A Execution Pin that will be pulsed based on the internal state. (This is the starting pin)
B Execution Pin that will be pulsed based on the internal state.
Is A Based on the current internal state. It stays True when Pin A is the selected state.
The same effect can be written in C++ using a bool variable and inverting it after each use.


Flip Flop takes the input flow and toggles it between two output paths. Each pulse of the input causes an inversion.
Using this with an event that happens each frame, such as Event Tick, will cause an inversion on every frame.


This node will not work correctly inside Functions, Macros, and Collapsed Graphs.

Since the state of the node is held internally, the only place it will work is in a top level Event Graph.
This seems to have been a limitation from the start.

There are, however, ways to accomplish the same effects while still using blueprints.

Blueprint Alternatives

This method is very similar to the C++ implementation. A branch node handles the execution flows while an inverting boolean drives the branch state.
If flexibility is needed, you can control when the inversion happens by relocating the NOT and SET nodes elsewhere.


Input Toggle

Pulses from a Toggle Input are switched with the Flip Flop and routed to the current pin.