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Option # Value to return based on Index.
Index Value to select on.
Return Value Option that will be returned after making selection.
Add Pin Adds an additional Option pin depending on Index type.
There is no 1:1 equivalent in C++. The type used for Index and Options will dictate which programming pattern is best used.


Select will return the option depending on the value of the Index pin. This is similar to Switch, though it varies objects instead of execution flow.

Connecting to an Option pin will change all options to be of that type. Almost all types are accepted as viable.
The Index pin is more restrictive, only allowing Boolean, Byte, Integer, and Enums.

Pin Types will automatically change when a pin is connected. However, you can right-click and manually adjust them.


Equipment Selection

When the Inventory button is pressed, Show Equipment will load the Item Data for the Active Equipment.

Movement Speed Modifier

Depending on the number of Movement Upgrades, Base Speed will be increased and returned.