Blueprint Comment

From Augmotic Library

Blueprint Comments are valuable for organization and visual clarity when creating your game logic. They can be added in the form of boxes that encompass a range of nodes or directly to the node itself.

Colors and behaviors can also be modified on a per-comment basis, and the default values for newly created ones.

Comment Boxes

Comment Boxes are flexible in look and function and are usually the most commonly used option.
The boxes consist of a Header portion where the text resides, and the Body that can be resized and where nodes are placed.


There are three ways a box can be created and two contextual options checked.

  • No Selection: A small empty box is created near the mouse cursor.
  • Nodes Selected: The box will size and wrap all selected nodes.

Keyboard Shortcut
By default, the shortcut is assigned to the "C" key. This can be changed in the Editor Preferences if desired.

Add Node
This will change between "Add Comment..." and "Add Comment to Selection" depending on the number of selected nodes.

Node Menu
Right-clicking on a node while multiple are selected will have a "Create Comment from Selection" option at the bottom of the menu.

Text & Resizing

Text can be modified in four different ways.

  • Pressing the "F2" key while selected.
  • Double-clicking the Header.
  • The bottom of a boxes Right-Click menu.
  • The details panel while selected.

Resizing can be done at any time with the sides or corners of a box.


The look and behavior of each box can be modified while selected in the details panel. The default values used upon creation can be adjusted in the Editor Preferences.

Show Bubble While Zoomed
You can show a scaling bubble comment on the box once it has zoomed out far enough.

Move Mode
All nodes within the box will move with it if set to Group Movement. Comment mode will only move the box.

Node Comments

A comment can be applied directly to a specific node. This can be helpful when explaining why a particular node was used or clarifying a parameter.

The comment can be shown by hovering over the node and pressing the toggle.
It has two controls on the right side of the bubble:

  • Scaling while zoomed.
  • Toggle Bubble.

You can also edit the comment with the Right-Click menu of the node.