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The calling function will determine available Pins.
Using Super:: will call the overridden function in the base class.


Parent and Super allow you to call a function from the class it derived from. This enables writing logic in a base-level class and appending to it when the function is called on the child class.

If a function is overridden in a child class and Parent or Super is not used, none of the previous logic will be executed.

Depending on the situation, this can be the desired effect. Having a bare minimum logic implementation in a base class but overriding it for unique cases in a child.

In other situations, you may still want to perform the logic in the base class but add some extra functionality. Using Parent or Super will allow this.

Blueprint Access

Right-clicking on a node in blueprints will give you the option to "Add Call to Parent Function." This will add the parent node of the selected function.


Conditional Functions

Both Base and the Derived Character's Print String happen on BeginPlay.