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Condition Boolean value that will determine which Output pin will be executed.
True Executed based on the Condition pin.
False Executed based on the Condition pin.
B + Left-Click Place a new node.


Branch will route the execution flow depending on the value of the Condition input. It is a core building block of blueprints and is equivalent to the traditional if statement.

Usually, a Boolean variable or output is connected to the Condition pin to control the node's output.

Troubleshooting Bypass

Sometimes you may need to bypass a condition while testing or debugging.
One way would be to route the flow around the node. However, there are a few other ways to reach the same effect that is more situational with some added benefits.

  • Disconnecting the Condition pin will show the manual selection box you can use to lock in the required state.
  • Connecting an empty False branch is a quick way to avoid disconnecting the Condition pin if the node is far away.


Conditional Functions

Based on the result from Test Action, the flow can be routed to call a different function.