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Then # Branched execution pin that will be pulsed.
Add Pin Adds an additional execution pin.
S + Left-Click Place a new node.
Sequencing naturally occurs in C++ as it executes line by line within each class and function unless very niche situations arise.


Sequence takes a single execution pulse and triggers all connected outputs in order from top to bottom. All output pulses happen without delay. This node is a core building block of blueprints. Many uses, ranging from branch handling to organization, make this widely used.

In most cases, the behavior is straightforward. Once an input pulse occurs, each output branch pulses from top to bottom. However, there are a few caveats to be aware of that are not directly related to the node itself but can need clarification.


Conditional Pins

Pin #1 contains logic dependent on the result of Test Action. Instead of connecting both Branch paths to Final Action, it can be added to a new pin independent of the result.